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Used Equipment
Tested, Calibrated and Verified
90 Day Warranty on most Equipment

If you would like more information on the units for sale here, click on link or e-mail  Sales Manager

"The sale of these items may be subject to regulation by the U.S. Food and Drug
Administration and state and local regulatory agencies. 
If the item is subject to FDA regulation,
Please verify your status as an authorized purchaser
of these items before we ship."
Full service warranty is good for 30 days from time of purchase.
All therapy units will include a safety and calibration certificate good for 1 year.

Items for sale immediately   

Please contact
Helen for more information

Mid Florida Orthopaedics, P.A.

Emmanuel D. Scarlatos, M.D.

Chattanooga Legend 2C, Combo unit, 5cm applicator 1/3Mhz $1500.00
Fluidotherapy Model 110D, complete rebuild, all new parts. burn-in and tested http://medneeds.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/04/13.jpg $ 2450.00
Excel Tech/XLtek Isotron 1000, 2channel stim IF, Premod, New leads, tested and verified. some damage to lexan overlay (not available) will not impede operation. $360.00
2 units available
Winco Therapy Table $350
ThermoTherapy System.  New condition. $1700
Sportsart XT20

> Offers independent upper and lower body     resistance for a total body workout

> Rotational handles provide a variety of     training options

> Step-through design and low-impact action     make it easy for any user to enjoy

> Self-generating design requires no outside     power to operate

> 5-position reclining seat back

Tear in seat, replacement available
Richmar 25 Dual ultrasound 
Zenith Table, Hi-Lo table, pelvic drop, leather cushions, minor abrasions on head and chest cushion. $2300.00
Standing Mirror $220.00

Mettler Sys*Stim 206 Neuromuscular Stimulator - Sys*Stim  206

**For Pick up Only **

The Sys*Stim 206 is a one-channel neuromuscular stimulator that features four different waveforms in a light-weight package. The narrow pulse is suited for TENS while the wide and AC pulses can be used for muscle stimulation. Direct Current can be used to stimulate denervated muscles or perform iontophoresis. The Sys*Stim 206 is an ideal companion to the Sonicator 716 for combination therapy.


Melisa Ayala
1081 WP Ball Blvd
Sanford , FL 32771


Chattanooga 700 Original combo therapy system, High volt, Ultrasound 10cm 1mhz $575.00
Ferno Ille, Whirlpool system very clean, hi-lo $350.00
A Functonal Capacity Evaluation (FCE) is a systematic, objective evaluation of a worker's safe ability to work from a physical ability and motivational perspective, with due consideration given to their medical impairment and their individual, inherent pain tolerance. The FCE helps determine the injured worker's ability to return to work safely on their current job following a job-related injury, or on a different job with their existing employer or with a new employer. The FCE can be a significant event that helps the injured worker and their family return to a normal lifestyle again.

The Blankenship method was also the only FCE testing system identified as being developed based upon published medial research.

Contact Ginger for price and shipping at arfkeys@aol.com
305 289 6220 (office). 
305 304 7842 (cell)



More pictures will be up soon New repairs and trade-ins are coming


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